Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealerships

What are They, and How Do They Apply to Your Bad Credit Situation?

This kind of arrangement is rather different from the conventional car dealership in that the Buy Here Pay Here dealership does not use any kind of outside help from any financial institution; instead, a particular loan payment arrangement here is made with the buyer right at the dealership. This is typically known as in-house financing where both the choosing of a car and the lay down of the financial plan is achieved in the same location, thus saving the buyer both time and energy. 

Buy Here Pay Here dealerships have been used in the past with people that have bad credit and hence had problems securing an auto loan. With the Buy Here Pay Here dealership you may be required to deliver cash, money order and checks directly at the dealership in a weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly basis. This has made this type of an arrangement popular among buyers who are operating on a lean budget and may not afford to pay the large monthly installment as is usually required by the conventional car dealerships.

The other difference between the Buy Here Pay Here arrangement and the conventional car dealership is that with the latter, you first find the car that you want and later discuss the financial arrangements. With the former, they determine your financial position and then let you know the car that you qualify to buy. This will help you to limit your spending within your budget. It is also a good opportunity for individuals with bad credit to rebuild their credit. This can be done by making sure that your auto loan payments are made on time and in the full amount. If that particular dealership follows the reporting policy, they will be able to report this good behavior to other credit agencies and this will help to improve your credit score. 

However, since the Buy Here Pay Here dealers do not work with a financial institution, they come up with their own financial rules and systems which they use to calculate their own interest rates, which are usually subject to change any time. Most dealers take advantage of this situation and most customers will find out they have paid more money in the long run you than they would have if they had used a traditional financial arrangement. Therefore, before heading to a ‘Buy Here Pay Here’ car dealership; you should make sure that you have done your own calculations to avoid overspending and adding more damage to your credit position.

Having bad credit should not mean that you automatically cannot qualify to get a good car. Before you commit your cash to a Buy Here Pay Here financial arrangement, make sure that you know the inspection standards and the reconditioning processes that they use to prepare the vehicles they sell to ensure that you get a car that is worth the amount that you will pay. 

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